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So, you’ve got your brand new website on the internet for everyone to see, but is everyone able to find you?

At Respondit Web Design we have solutions for all your online marketing needs, from SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and SMM (Social Media Marketing) to creative Email campaigns and PPC  that will turn web users into site visitors, and site visitors into customers. We can help your company improve its visibility on the most popular internet search engines, and get people talking about your brand on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

There are many different factors that can affect your websites ranking in the search engines. All of our websites come with basic on-page optimisation, ensuring elements such as the title, description and H1 tags are relevant and effective, that you have a sitemap in place and that your new website has been registered with the major search engines.

On top of this we can offer extended SEO campaigns that will utilise a large variety of up to date, white hat methods with the ultimate goal of raising your website’s overall profile, authority and ranking with the major search engines. These include but are not limited to: blog writing, link building, further content optimisation and keyword analysis.



Utilising social media correctly is a powerful way to build brand awareness and to connect directly with your customers.

In today’s world, social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus and LinkedIn have grown to be more than just a place to catch up with friends and family – it gives you a huge online community with which to market your brand and product, and get people talking about the services you offer.  

A few years ago only a simple Facebook page was sufficient, providing a link to your website with maybe a few photos of your products or special offers. Today there are a multitude of options that can drive your business forward, and the right focus can deliver fantastic results.

Here at Respondit Web Design we can cater your social media strategy depending on the needs and budget of your company.

We can start with simply gaining likes/followers for your company’s social media pages, but can also completely revamp any existing pages, and advise on regular content updates that will engage your customer and keep them visiting your site time and time again.

Respondit Website Design can help your business no matter what your industry or which social media site you wish to promote yourself on. Our marketing experts have experience of working with Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, LinkedIn and many more sites, and can make a real difference to the interest your company receives.

If you want the online world talking about your business, get in touch with Respondit Web Design today to see how we can help.


Okay, so you have your SEO in a good place and your Social Media is up and running,
what else is there?


Well the next option we can move onto is Pay Per Click
advertising (PPC). This is an advertising method designed to
draw traffic to your website when an advert is clicked.

This is most commonly seen during Google searches –
The very top results and those in the right hand sidebar have
“ad” written by them. These are paid for and based on specific
keyword searches. Another common variety are those seen
on Facebook on the right and in your news feeds.

We offer full PPC campaign management completely catered
to your budget and requirements.


Starting with extensive keyword analysis, to designing the adverts, tracking the results and finally assessing the overall campaign success, you will have
a dedicated marketing manager looking after everything and will also be your personal point of contact.


Email marketing allows you to easily target your audience with relevant content, although it is easy for your emails to be overlooked if they are not engaging and effective.
So it’s more involved than just taking your email list and sending out a plain text email.

More than half of businesses generate 10% of their sales through email Marketing.

There are many techniques we can use to ensure that you are getting to most out of your email marketing campaigns and to build up high quality sign ups in the first place.


We can help you pick the correct software for your e-mail marketing needs and integrate that seamlessly into your website.

We can help you to develop and run effective email campaigns, design the email templates and optimise the content to deliver regular, informative and relevant content to your audience.

Sending 4 emails a month doubles the email open rate over sending just one!



Usually, our clients would supply the written content for their websites.
However if required, we can offer well researched content writing services for your website or blog.

As standard we proof read any copy that you supply and if necessary, tweak if for on-page SEO purposes.